Original Fiction

snoopy writerI write in many different genres. Sometimes that’s a good thing, other times it’s not because my “style” is still evolving. That’s normal as I learn about myself as a writer, but it also means I can create fiction that will be totally different from what you might expect me to write.

As an example, the novel I have completed takes place in a fictional world much like Europe in 1808, except there’s magic. And the average citizen would be, according to today’s standards, a “person of color”. Oh, and there are three suns. So it’s more Fantasy than Sci-Fi, but it’s a bit of general-alexandre-dumasboth.

Another story I’m working on takes place among primitive hunter-gathers. On a human-colonized planet around a red dwarf star. Oh, and they year is 3919. So it’s Sci-Fi, but it’s also a story about hunter-gatherers.

Sill another of my stories takes place in 1918, during the Great Influenza. But there are zombies. And vampires.

I’ll summarize and list a few of my other ideas here:

Humanity in the mid-21st century struggling to survive after an alien invasion, the story told by an Amish man

An alternate history story taking place during the American Civil War of 1851-56 (The real civil war took place from 1861-1865, but if it weren’t for the “Great Compromise” of 1850, it might have started a decade sooner, with much different results)

A children’s story of love, loss and hope set in a purely fantasy setting

FBI agents coming to grips with a cosmic horror that rips the world apart

Mankind coping with an interdimensional rift torn in the New Mexico desert after the first nuclear weapon is detonated

I think you see my problem. How do you categorize someone who writes the way I do? Varied, I guess. But it’s not like I have a choice over how lost_ideas_by_insidesignz-d48vetsmy brain works. This is what God gave me, so I’m making do with it. And I love all my ideas, don’t get me wrong. But if I don’t get cracking – and get an agent – many of these ideas will die with me at some future date.

I can’t let that happen.

So starting now, I’m going to start putting some of my stories up here on my blog, under this separate page, Original Fiction. I’ll be starting a thread with one of my stories, told in an episodic format, one entry every week or so. I might add other stories as time goes by, and I’d love you opinion on what I should write next. In fact, I’d even love input from you, dear reader, on where my stories might go.

You see, I’ve spent many years playing table-top role-playing games. In these games, one person tells the story, and the other players take the roles of characters in that story. It’s a form of cooperative group storytelling, and I love it. So I guess I’m used to having the input of others. I’m Playing-D-D-dungeons-and-dragons-1004006_1500_1000pretty creative, but even Stephen King can’t think of every possibility, and I love, love, love new ideas. So, hit me with your best shot!

In the mean time, any thoughts on which story I should start with? Any opinions? If you could pick any of my above ideas up as a book to read, which would it be?

I know where I’ll start, for now. I’m going to post my children’s story; sorry, but it won’t have any illustrations. I’ve always envisioned it as a sort of picture book, with writing on the left hand side, and a big, beautiful illustration on the right. Perhaps some day I’ll find the person who’s supposed to illustrate it for me. I’d love to see children flipping through the book, enjoying the story and the pictures together. But for now, it’s text only!

Let the experiment begin!


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