About The Technospiritualist

Born: Eastern Pennsylvania

Raised: Eastern Pennsylvania

Lives: Eastern Pennsylvania

Longs to Live: Someplace warm all year round

Notes: Trained singer who hardly sings. Trained actor who hardly acts. Semi-trained writer who is trying to silence the voices in his head by putting them on paper. Avid role-player (you know, the kind with dice and pencils and a table?). Husband. Father of two teens. Civilization addict (do you know of a support group?). Politics junkie. Checks the weather way too often. Amateur historian. Science-lover who truly thanks God that He made the universe using something as totally rad as science. Child of the ’80’s. Interior mind is that of a gleeful 12 year old who keeps poking at things with sticks. Likes to talk. Alot. Yes. In Eastern Pennsylvania, alot is an actual word! Likes to talk.

Seen with Deet, Bishop, Victoria, Gandalf, Aslan, you and all mankind. Please?.


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