Nelson Mandela

Watching the news feeds over the past few days, it seems apparent Nelson Mandela may soon die. This would sadden many people, me included, but it won’t be unexpected. His health has been failing for some time now, and he is very old. He helped to birth a new, more just South Africa, although there is still a great distance they need to travel. It will be decades, but they will get there, and look back on Mandela’s life in thanks.
So why am I filled with dread? Not for his death to be sure. I am fearful because when he dies – now or years from now – I am terrified that the poor and hopeless blacks will rise up in violence, mostly killing each other. Upon the death of a man who struggled to free them, they will murder each other, and a few hapless whites as well.
Please, dear God in Heaven, please let me be wrong…


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