The Pope, 2013

I have been following the whole “Pope Resignation” story with some interest. Not a ton of interest because I’m not Catholic, but it’s still fascinating to watch the process unfold. Being able to watch this again (we did it a few years ago as well), I’m reminded of two points that occurred to me then, and I’d like to share them with you now.

First, I have to admit I have little faith in the cardinals to be even slightly progressive. If you’re a Catholic, you may or may not prefer your Pope conservative, and that’s fine. I, however, would love to see some change at the Vatican this time around. I’d like to see a non-white or non-European Pope. However, I just don’t see it happening. My prediction is for a white European to be named pope again, just as every Pope for centuries has been. I know there are many Spanish-speaking Catholics in the world, mostly in South America, and if the church is at all progressive, that would be the choice they would make. However, I seriously doubt the cardinals being brave enough (or possibly foolish enough) to pick an American Pope, mostly because Americans are often seen as sub-standard Catholics. No, I don’t have any sources to quote, but we are generally more liberal and more “worldly” than they would prefer over in Italy. And as far as a black Pope, say from Africa, I’m confident the cardinals won’t be able to stomach that much change at once. After all, once they go black, they aren’t likely to go back. Africa is one of the “markets” into which they are making good inroads, and I think they’d feel they have to keep repeating the selection of a black Pope just to keep Africans focused. I could totally be wrong, and I fully hope I am, but I don’t think so. Same ol’, same ol’ again, I’m afraid.

Second, when I was a teenager, I read up on the “prophecy of the popes” which you can read up on here:

I don’t believe in this sort of thing, so I think it’s all rubbish, but my brain is exploding with all kinds of crazy ideas of who the next Pope will be, and what horrible reign of terror he will bring upon the world.

If you’re looking for a story to write, this is a good place to start!



3 thoughts on “The Pope, 2013

  1. And just three hours later, they’ve named a new pope. Argentina. So they had just a small amount of change within them. I guess I should be happy because I was partially wrong, but I still feel they aren’t interested in any change, and willingness to compromise on the issues that are so important to so many people the world over. Let’s see if he’s got the guts to shake things up a little, but I’m not optimistic. And lest you poo-poo me for my pessimism, it was only a few short years ago that the Catholic church admitted Copernicus was right, and the Earth really does circle the sun. That was only in 1992, 21 years ago, and it took the Vatican almost 500 years to admit their mistake. *Sigh*

  2. Dietlinde says:

    How fascinating that you are following the drama over a new pope. So much tradition, I wonder why you are drawn to it right now?

  3. As an evangelical who doesn’t recognize the Roman Catholic Church as an organization having any authority at all, I am discarding their selection and naming myself the new pope. My mother will not be pleased.

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