Excerpt, If You Please

Here’s a short snippet of the book I’m working on currently. I hope it sounds as good to you as it does to me.

      “I’m afraid.” Zaafirah looked back at her twin brother quickly, her eyes intense. “We’re both afraid, Kardal and I, though he won’t admit it. We’re scared of the Outside, and we’re scared of what’s going to happen to us out here.”

       Kardal had approached the mule. “I’m not afraid, Zaafirah. I just don’t like not knowing what’s happening. It makes me upset.”

       “You should be afraid, Kardal.” Oonaya kept walking, but she spoke calmly, evenly. “Right now the most powerful army in the world, lead by the most brutal and sadistic woman I’ve ever heard of is looking for you. By now they know exactly what you look like, and me as well, and their best troops, the Cold Guard Cavalry are very close, searching day and night for you.” She stopped and looked at them both. “The only thing keeping you alive right now is me, and the will of the gods. That’s it. If the gods hadn’t guided me to your village, you’d already be dead, and your corpses cold. This isn’t some adventure for little kids. The Pain-Mother thinks you’re dangerous, and she will kill you the first chance she gets. Understand?”

       “How can they be looking for us night and day?” the young man asked.

       “Because” Oonaya said, “they never, ever sleep.”

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think.


A Season for All Things

I am not young. I am not old.

I was born happy. I have learned sadness.

In my youth, I started telling stories. I am still telling them, but now I use the written word.

I grew up knowing I was worthless and, slowly, I am learning that was wrong. I have value.

I will never be dishonest with what I write. I will tell lies, but they will be honest lies. If you know what I mean then you’re nodding your head.

I want you to see what’s in my imagination. Some of it’s pretty scary, and much of it’s disturbing, but it’s all pretty fantastic. I’ll keep the disturbing stuff to a minimum, I sorta-promise.

I think my writing and my stories are pretty good. I hope you think so, too.

This is the blog of a man who has only recently understood he was born to write. I know my weaknesses. I am learning my strengths.

I pray others may find joy in what I write.

I pray I will get published.

I pray, and I write, and I hope others find something of value. If you do, please let me know.


Springtime Blossoms in Eastern Pennsylvania